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Welcome to Deep Blue Engineering

Deep Blue Engineering Limited design and make windlasses, equipment and fittings for traditional yachts and work boats. Our range of hardware also includes steering systems and sheet winches. We also undertake bespoke work and traditional harware restoration.

The new No1.N windlass, small but extremely robust, with a 3:1 ratio. This example is in 'workboat trim' and has a lever operated brake.

We recently completed the restoration of this old windlass, which included making a new pawl assembly from scratch, adding a gypsy and also a brake. It looked like a pile of junk when it was delivered to us but looks and works as good as new now. A  simple but very effective device, originally made by Lununberg Foundries.

We now make these old design lever and pawl windlasses from scratch, the only difference being the visual features of the capstan; this is because we use our own casting patterns.

To see this windlass installed and operating, visit:

The pictures above shows a newly completed bronze windlass at the workshop, then in position ready for bolting down to the deck.  This particular windlass is manual /electric, using one of our power units which is attached to the windlass whenever it is required. The windlass was installed along with  60 m of new 13 X 36 chain, a bronze chain stop/tensioner and a bow roller assembly.


- Anchor windlasses (manual, hydraulic and electric)

- Hydraulic  and mechanical steering systems

- Bespoke and standard fittings

- Anchor chain

- Parts

Example of parts: we can provide chain gypsy  and traditional capstan cast blanks in Iron or bronze, but take a look at the 'Fittings' page to get a broader idea of the hardware we can supply.

Services include:

- Bespoke systems and equipment engineering & design

- Manufacture and assembly

- Equipment Restoration

- Equipment Installation and commissioning


For enquiries please contact us on: 07576 363578

or email on:

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