No.3 Heavy Service Windlass

Designed for large yachts, small ships and expedition vessels, the No.3 Windlass is the largest standard windlass in the Webster's Boat Machinery range, introduced in July 2019.

This model windlass provides a platform for a wide range of configuration options, with a full manual capability and low ratio which gives the operator the option of using the windlass even if there are issues with onboard power availability.

Suitable for larger vessels upwards of 45 tonnes displacement, the model No.3 Heavy Service windlass weighs from 355 Kg in basic specification with a single gypsy for 16 mm chain, to around 500 Kg configured with two gypsies to accommodate 20 mm chain.

Detailed specifications will be added to the website shortly, but in the meantime if you have and questions relating to this windlass, please call or email.


The SW2 heavy duty electric windlass


Deep Blue Engineering manufacture two models of the SW powered windlass which is a power only winlass with no manual operating option:

Model SW1 for use with vessels up to 30 tonnes displacement.

Model SW2 for use with vessels up to 65 tonnes displacement.

Both windlasses are available as either electric or hydraulic powered units.

The electric SW2 uses a 2.5 kW (continuous) permanent magnet DC motor that runs at just over 1000 rpm at 24 Volts. The motor can run at 100 Amps continuously and 300 Amps (7.2 kilowatts) for up to 30 seconds.

One of the big advantages of a permanent magnet motor as opposed to the more usual series wound (or field wound) motors is that because it doesn't have to generate its own magnetic field at the stator it is more efficient. This is very good for keeping power usage at a minimum.

The link below shows an electric SW2 during bench testing.

As an option to a fully powered windlass, we offer the Deep Blue EDU, which allows you to add power to a manual windlass.

Our manual windlasses can also be powered using a Deep Blue EDU (electric drive unit), which can be attached to the windlass when needed. To attach and remove the EDU takes a few moments, but it is not a marinised unit and therefore would not be left in position on the windlass whilst at sea. Although it is very effective, it is an attachment as opposed to an integral power unit. The EDU consists of an electric motor and gearbox. The manual windlass can be supplied ready to accept an EDU, or an adapter kit can be suppied along with the EDU in order to add a power capability to an existing manual windlass.

The specifications for these units vary; motor voltage can be 12 V, 24 V DC or 110 V and 240 V AC , gearbox ratios can deliver a range of RPM/torque to the main shaft (gypsy and capstan).

To specify a suitable EDU, please contact us or let us know you require an EDU at the time of purchasing your windlass, and we can build the EDU you need.


Prices for an EDU are around £850 + VAT. They are housed within a hard case for stowage. When the EDU is needed, it is attached to the windlass, by slipping the female gearbox drive over the windlass input shaft, then securing a torque arm, which also forms part of the EDU, to the windlass body. The installation and removal after use, take less than a minute. The EDU is relatively lightweight, ranging from around 8 Kg for the smaller windlasses, up to 16 Kg flor the large windlasses, depending on the power requirement and motor type.

The Deep Blue EDU can be used with any manual windlass. Provide us with details of the input shaft profile and we can supply an adaptor and EDU for existing, older windlasses.


To see a video of an EDU being used:



SW 2 Heavy Duty Windlass

For pleasure and commercial craft up to 75 tonnes.

Picture shows a hydraulic Powered SW2