Maid of Honour, returing to the water following her restoration


Deep Blue Engineering make a range of windlasses:


Appearance Circa 1960s

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Materials and surface treatments vary depending on windlass specification, with the models ranging from painted iron/galvanised, workboat equipment, through to the bronze windlasses with main components cast in bronze.

PRICES: Guide prices are given but because we offer so many different configurations of windlasses and equipment genergally, we provide a quotation based on each customers' requirements.

From the drop down menu which appears when you initially select windlasses, select the windlass type and vessel displacement to access information on the range of windlasses.

General Information


Brakes bands and shoes fitted to our windlasses are made from either stainless steel or steel, with bonded composite, marine grade linings. They can be bought seperately or made to order, to fit existing equipment.


Our windlasses are fitted with steel gears, treated for corrosion resistance either using a phosphating and xylan coating combination, or hot zinc spray and painting. They can also be fitted with bronze gears.

The tooth profiles used are large, and the gears tend to be wider than more modern materials would require, but this is in an effort to remain faithful to the appearance of the older design traditinal equipment, where softer, iron gears were used, which required these heavier profiles in order to achieve the necessary strength. So that it is possible to gauge the size of the teeth in the picture above, the larger gear is over 300 mm in diameter and 40 mm across.

Smaller gears are used in our electric and hydraulic windlasses, where the gears are also contained within an oil filled housing.